The GreenBookTM

Australia's first, online footprint lifecycle impact rates book for construction materials, assemblies & design benchmarks

We are passionate

about buildings and their contribution to society and the goal of one planet living.

Our vision is a world where every design decision contributes to a more productive world.

Our mission is to enable designers to understand the impact of materials and make low footprint choices at the point of design.

The GreenBookTM address the gap and delivers your go to source for materials impact rates.

It is your sustainable guide beside. 

 Embodied carbon, energy, ecological footprint and cost now available.


Key Benefits

  • Over 1,300 rates and increasing weekly.
  • Australian data from a recognised LCI data sources.
  • Cradle to site - virgin and recycled content.
  • The most methodologically complete rates.
  • ISO Standards based.
  • Consistent with NPWC and AS Method of Measurement allocation procedures.
  • Available by element or full book on an annual subscription.





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