The GreenBookTM

Australia's first, online footprint lifecycle impact rates book for construction materials, assemblies & design benchmarks

Do you want to understand more about which material is greener than others?

Do you want to easily increase your knowledge of 'eco' preferred design?

Do you want easy access to 'eco' preferred solutions?

The GreenBook is your ANSWER

The most comprehensive embodied carbon inventory for construction materials in Australia. Think of it as 'Cordells pricing book' but accounting for carbon, not cost.

 Available in monthly or yearly subscription access with a week's free trial.


Key Benefits

  • One Week Free!
  • Membership available on all devices.
  • Over 1,000 rates and increasing.
  • Eco design recommendations from experts.
  • Visual guides which quickly show preferred arrangement.
  • Australian data from a recognised LCI data sources.
  • Cradle to gate - virgin and recycled content.
  • ISO Standards based.
  • Consistent with NPWC and AS Method of Measurement allocation procedures.


  • First week free.
  • Individual monthly: $29.50 | Corporate monthly: $47.00 (Ex. GST)
  • Individual yearly: $27.50/mth | Corporate yearly: $45.00/mth* (Ex. GST)

*Charged annually