If everyone on the planet lived like the average Australian we would need 4 planets to support everyone’s lifestyle. Australian’s have the one of the highest per capita footprints of all nations owing in a significant way to our sprawling urban form and high carbon energy and transport systems.

In 2007, humanity used about 150% of the planets natural resource supply causing what is called, “ecological overshoot”. Put another way, in 2007 it took 1.5 years to regenerate the resources used by humanity. Much like running a deficit or bank overdraft, it can be manageable in the short-term but can cause trouble without a plan to get back into balance, or surplus. If we continue to use resources in the same way, by 2030 we will need 2 planets to support humanity. This is a key constraint on wellbeing.

But how can we reduce our personal footprint?

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Personal Footprint Plan