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Carbon Masterplan & 2030 Strategy

Investa are thought leaders in office asset sustainability performance and have led the industry in operational environmental benchmarking and disclosure. In keeping with their innovation DNA they are asking questions about the "where to from here" and "how to" for achieving sustainable low carbon performance for the next decade. 

  • We used our life cycle Portfolio / Precinct Calculator to establish the overall portfolio impact by element,
  • Identified key areas of strategic opportunity and
  • Continue in the development of a life cycle strategy across all aspects of asset management.

Image source: Boone & Willard

New Development Life Cycle Carbon Footprint

Investa wanted to understand the scale of life cycle carbon emissions for development projects and how their typical approach compares to industry benchmarks.

  • We used our Multi-Use Calculator to establish the total estimated life cycle carbon footprint of a development,
  • Identified simple low / no cost opportunities to significantly influence the carbon footprint.

Image source: Architectus

 Download the following Case Study to see how Investa has worked with CEFC to improve energy efficiency in commercial property.



Image Source: FM Magazine